How to Stop Water Pooling on a Flat Roof?

Flat roofs are considered as best for several climatic conditions. But as we know everything has its own cons along with pros. So, this problem arises with the flat roof too and that is ponding of water. This issue mainly arises in the snowfall and rainy season.

Here we came up with some tips that definitely protect you from the trouble. And hence weakening of the roof’s membrane.

1)    Clean the existing drains:

Sometimes rather than taking much tension about the matter just you have to clean the choked drains. Freeing up drains with the debris not only you are guarding your roof but also your drainage system. Cleaned pipes allow the melting snow on your roof to be wiped along with the water.

2)    Repair Vacuous Points:

Instead, they are called flat roofs but still the uneven surfaces contain some low spots. These spots are the result of building or molding errors. With time these places can fill up with the dust and eventually water in the winters. Then due to lack of our attention over this, can damage the portions a lot. You must have to repair them either by yourself or by any roofing service.

3)    Increase number of drainage pipes:

Sometimes a heavy snowfall or rainfall in a short period of time can be the reason for water ponding. Even the available pipes are clean but large volumes of snow and water takes time to completely pour. Then you have to consider extending the number of pipes.

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